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Now Stephen Harper’s Done it. He’s riled up Raffi!

For the next 11 weeks, this blog will take on a rather political bent. We in Canada have a government in power that has hijacked democracy and set out an agenda that favours corporate interests at the expense of Canada’s tax-paying middle class. This government has been cited by the Auditor General, the Privacy Commissioner, a former chair of Elections Canada, several former Prime Ministers and other learned experts for its callous disregard of government and parliamentary procedure. It has been held in Contempt of Parliament. The first time this has ever happened. I have never been overtly political. But, I cannot stand by and watch this charade called ‘democracy’ undo decades of advances on the environment, the economy, personal privacy and other key issues. Canada’s international reputation is in tatters. It’s economy is now officially in recession. The so-called ‘balanced budget’ is a complete fraud to the tune of a minimum $1.5 billion. If I say nothing I will be complicit. At my age, that word is not in my vocabulary.

Rose's Cantina

Now Stephen Harper’s done it.

He’s riled up Raffi.

The popular children’s entertainer announced on Twitter that he is dedicating his life for the next eleven weeks to bringing down the Harper government. I’d be scared, very, very scared.

You see, Raffi carries some weight.

More than two generations of kids grew up singing his songs. If it weren’t for Raffi, most kids wouldn’t know a baby beluga if it took off their swimming trunks.

…Unless they had visited them while they were incarcerated at Marineland.

Raffi is a force for good. He is a kind soul, a gentleman, unless you get him talking about Stephen Harper.

“Canada needs a revolution,” Raffi tweeted yesterday. “Charter Freedoms. Green Jobs. Child Care. $$ Equity. Free University Tuition. Climate Action.”

Raffi is dreaming a dream of time gone by.

It’s as if we’re back in the 60s when people were still envisioning a Utopian society of…

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